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Holt Fire District, Established 1978

Holt Fire District is staffed by an all-volunteer force of firefighters who serve to protect and preserve the safety of the Holt community and surrounding area. The District covers 57 square miles located in the northeast section of Okaloosa County, including approximately 9 miles of Interstate 10, U.S. 90 and the RailUSA railroad. Additionally, Holt Fire District responds out of the service area in support of mutual aid agreements with other fire districts and departments.

Holt Fire started as a tax-exempt volunteer fire department in 1978, filing articles of incorporation with the State of Florida under Holt Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

In 1984, Holt Fire District was established as an independent Okaloosa County fire control district governed by a five-member board who serve four-year terms.

Fire Hoses