Fire Emergency Response

Prepared for Anything

The task of the Holt Fire District team is to get to emergency sites as quickly as possible. In dangerous situations, every second counts, so firefighters must think and act quickly in order to avoid tragedies. Our training is focused around speed and proficiency - put to use through our response to every call we receive, regardless of when or where.

Motor Vehicle Rescues

A delicate approach is necessary in order to minimize injury during this type of operation. Holt Fire District counts on well-trained personnel who are fully equipped with the latest technologies to deal with these kinds of situations while minimizing damage to both properties and humans.

Fire Hoses

Medical Emergencies

The reason we send a fire engine or a fire truck along with the ambulance is if the patient is critically ill or not able to walk and must be carried to the ambulance, the additional personnel ensures that patient care needs are met in a timely and safe manner.