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Public Services

Stay Safe. Be Informed.

Holt Fire District provides a number of outreach services and programs for the community designed to educate and inform children and the public about fire prevention and safety.


From educational classes to safety checks, Holt Fire District considers it our duty to keep citizens of all ages aware and protected.

Core Values


Mission Statement

Provide superior fire protection to the Holt community through education, training, pride of ownership and community awareness


  • Educate the community in fire protection

  • Educate the volunteer firefighters to be able to provide the highest quality of service

  • Train the firefighters using the latest technology available so they may serve their community to their fullest

  • Have a fire department where all personnel have input into the direction of the department, thus giving everyone pride in the organization

  • Educate the community in current fire protection needs and the direction and growth of the department

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